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Tea with the True Taste of the 40's

Morgan's Brew Tea are specialist suppliers of loose leaf teas and infusions from established plantations.Our blends are sourced from a collection of old and new recipes including:

  • Black teas from Africa, India, Sri Lanka and China
  • White, Green and Vintage teas from China, Japan and East Asia.
  • Caffeine-free from South Africa and Sri Lanka
  • Herbals from across the world

Our Blends

Our aromatic and flavour-rich blends are endlessly versatile; whether it be a satisfying cuppa, a delicate herbal pick-me-up, an aromatic culinary ingredient or adding a twist to an elegant cocktail. From black teas to caffeine-free, from herbal to fruit infusion – all our teas are blended for your enjoyment. Tea lovers everywhere can drink our teas and infusions in the morning, mid-day, afternoon, evening - and as a nightcap.

Original Plantation Recipes

We love to share our passion for tea in all its myriad forms and delight in inspiring our customers to try new flavours and recipes.So, take a stroll through our shop and see what tempts your taste buds. Our tea tasting notes are there to help you - and so are we.

Do Get in Touch

If you need any help choosing teas that are just right for you – we’ll be delighted to serve you. Just pick up the phone or drop us an email.

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