About Us

Meet Morgan's Brew

Morgan's Brew Tea Company is a family business based in Welshpool, mid-Wales. From our 19th century stone townhouse we operate an online shop, delivering our distinctive range of teas to customers across the world. Our family shares the tasks of selecting the recipes, delicately packing, and quickly dispatching our teas to areas across the globe.

Our Story

In 2006, Welsh family Geoff and Anne Meredith took over Poppy's Tudor Tearooms in Shrewsbury in Shropshire, England. Within the first twelve months they were asked by their regular customers if it were possible to create a decent cup of tea for home use. So, a plan was initiated that ordinary people would test fifty or so different teas. At the end of the experiment, the results produced an overall winner. The tea they chose was a black tea from Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda... following on from the tea rooms this was the beginning of Morgan's Brew Tea Company.

Cooking with Tea

Over the last six years we have introduced many teas and infusions into our range and will continue to include more. Cooking with tea can bring a unique flavor to your food. So, if you're a tea lover and have not cooked with tea yet, we recommend trying it as it is worth the effort!

Have an Idea? Contact Us!

We love to hear from our customers. Your questions, suggestions, recipes, stories and photos keep us inspired and in the shop brewing up new flavors! You can follow and/or contact us through email, mobile, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.