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1000 Inventive Ways to use Teas and Infusions

Baking with Tea Tea Recipes

At Morgan's Brew Tea we are not just a tea and infusion supplier. We are so passionate about our wonderful teas, we just love to inspire our customers to experiment and use our teas and infusions in different ways. From caterers to bakers, food manufactures to hoteliers, restaurants to delis, cooks and chefs - all you need to know is that your Morgans Brew Teas and infusions can be used in 1000’s of different ways.

Think of an infusion as an herb. Now you can use it as part of a recipe for starters, main courses, sweets or as a base for cocktails. The list is endless.

If you prefer to experiment with fruit teas be sure to use a good quality one, which includes large chunks of dried fruit. Regenerate the dry mix with either apple or pear juice and leave for 5 minutes. You can add the mixture to flavour yogurts, breakfast cereals, custards or sauces for pie fillings, puddings, biscuit mixes and even chocolates!

We can supply you with our blends or suggest new ones.

Go on! Have a wild moment and see what creation you can come up with.